Installing a Package on MAC OS X

 1. Initial comments

 These applications have only been tested on High Sierra; we can’t guarantee its performance on earlier  versions of OS X.

 2. MAC Security

 In order to install this package you will need to change your MAC’s default security setting.

 From the system menu (the Apple icon, top left menu), select System Preferences …  You will get the tray of settings categories:


Click on Security & Privacy.  The lower panel is entitled “Allow apps downloaded from”.  If the radio button for App Store alone is selected, you will need to change this setting.  (You will be able to restore it after you have installed NTUsage.)


First, click on the lock at the bottom left of the dialog so that you can make changes.  You will be prompted for the root password.  (This is probably the same as the one you use to login.)

Once the dialog is unlocked, click on App Store and identified developers.  Then click on the lock again to lock this setting.  Once this step has been completed, you can close the dialog.

3. Install the application

 Locate the package, NTUsage.pkg, and double click it (or highlight the file, then select File | Open from the Finder menu.)  This should open the Welcome Screen for the installer:


Essentially, follow the instruction for this installation process.

Click on Continue.  If you have multiple disks, you may need to select the disk where you want to put the application but normally you will simply accept the default and click Continue again.

Click on Install and then Install again.  You should see a brief indication of activity and, hopefully, a success message.