Greek Bible Student

The Greek Bible Student application provides the following elements in a single place:

  • The text of both the New Testament (SBL text) and the Septuagint Old Testament (Rhalfs text);
  • Simple navigation for both texts based on book and chapter;
  • Parsing of individual words;
  • Access to Liddell and Scott lexicon;
  • The ability to search for all occurrences of a word in a configurable selection of books (Old and New Testament);
  • The ability to search for two words within a set proximity;
  • The creation of vocabulary lists for a selected verse or chapter;
  • The capability to make notes on a verse-by-verse basis.

All of these are off-line, so the application can be used where the Interrnet is not available or speed is limited.

For more information, you can read the detailed help files for either the Windows version or the Mac version in the accompanying side menu.