Greek Bible Student

Greek Bible Student

Executable for Windows

Package for OS X

Post Uninstall Clean-up

The Windows version of Greek Bible Student stores some settings information in the Windows registry.  If you choose to uninstall the application, this will be left behind, so an additional tool has been provided that will enable you to remove all traces of it.  It's also useful if you're upgrading to a new version: running the utility will allow you to choose what elements you keep and what elements you remove before you install the new version.

You can download it here:

Windows post-uninstall Clean-up tool

Installing the software on OS X

We have avoided using the Apple Store because developers have to pay an annual fee for the privilege and it would have meant that we would have had to levy a mandatory charge (or cripple the free version).  For information on installing on your MAC, see the notes here.


All the utilities are based on public domain software and has been made available on a non-commercial basis.  This means that, in downloading it, you enter into a contract with LFC Consulting that accepts that you accept the software as is.  That doesn't mean we don't care about the quality of the software.  On the contrary, we rely on users such as yourself to let us know if there are any problems and to tell us if you think there are improvements that would generally be useful.


Although the application uses source documents from the public domain, many hundreds of man hours went into developing the program.  If you value the software (and our ability to support it), please think about making a small donation by clicking on the PayPal button below.