The Purpose of Keyboard

I often need to include Greek or Hebrew words or phrases in normal, English documents and it's often a pain to do so. This can be done for free and relatively simply by installing additional keyboards through the system settings for either Windows or OS X. However, that'squite fiddly to set up and I find that the various keyboards sometimes spontaneously set themselves to one of the other languages. It's also somewhat distracting to keep changing from English to Greek or Hebrew and back again. So, I decided to create a simple way of adding Greek and Hebrew that I can embed in my documents. (Note: my base language is English but - appart from this help file - it should work fine with any other language ... but it has only been tested with English. In particular, I don't know how well it will work with other right-to-left languages or with variants of Chinese, Korean, etc.)

It is emphatically not a word processor (or even a text editor): the idea is that you create specific words or phrases, as required, and then copy and paste the Greek or Hebrew into a competent word processor, such as Word or Pages.  For more information, check out the relevant side menu.